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Sushi Fix [Jul. 28th, 2006|01:37 pm]
Ana Gourmet


2 sheets Nori- 20 calories lay each out on a piece of saran wrap

1/4cucumber- peel, remove seeds, grate (15 calories)
mix with soy sauce & a smidge of wasabi (to taste)-(10 calories)
1/4 cup drained water packed tuna (40)
1 tsp sesame oil (35 calries)

put half of mixture onto each sheet of nori, roll *tightly* and refridgerate for several hours.

slice each roll into four slices (quite a bit larger than real sushi..but necessary to keep it intact)

Serve with pickled ginger (20 calories if you eat a ton of it)

if you eat the whole thing: 140 calories or 70 per roll or 18 per slice

if anyone knows how to make a good seaweed salad salad with Splenda, I will love you forever.