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Favorite grocery items for summer of 2006...thus far [Jun. 11th, 2006|01:21 am]
Ana Gourmet

1.) Bumble Bee solid white albacore fillet- 70 cals/ 0 carbs/ 16g of protein eat with lemon, faux salt & pepper
2.) Pace FF refried beans 80 cals, 5g fiber 5g protein eat with fresh tomato, taco sauce & FF sour cream (& fresh cilantro)
3.) Fresh herbs, easy to grow, make everything taste better. If nothing else, get basil & Cilantro
4.) Bacardi Island Breeze- diet flavored rums. Mix the coconut with SF pineapple soda for a low cal pina colada buzz.
5.) 5 green tea bags in 5 cups of boiling water for 6 minutes. 3/4 cups of Splenda and 5 cups of ice= the lowest calorie, fat burning sweet tea.
6.) My Daddy always makes red, white & blue waffles for breakfast on July 4th. My 'healthy' version is one 99% fat free special K waffle + a smear of FF cool whip + a handfull of strawberries + bluberries tossed in a bit of Splenda + lemon juice (bout 100 calories total)
7.) Garden fresh tomato + fresh herbs & garlic + salt & pepper to taste
8.) shrimp marinated in lime & a slosh of tequilla + salt + pepper stuck on a skewer & grilled
9.) Fresh Chopped Zucchini is an amazing substitute for noodles
10.) Danactive before coffee keeps the digestive system in check, adding Benefiber to everything keeps things moving.
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welcome! [Jun. 8th, 2006|05:48 pm]
Ana Gourmet

Recipes etc for the low cal foodie
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