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Ana Gourmet

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soup [Jul. 24th, 2006|11:17 pm]
Ana Gourmet
What are some good low-cal but THICK soups?

I had some cream of potato soup from concentrate (without un-concentrating, that's how thick I'm thinking) without realizing the cal content (don't ask, I've had an awful day)

So I panicked, but since I'm pms-y too I had some baked beans (about 300ish) and 40 cals worth of roasted bell peppers

So all in all I had over 500 cals in one sitting. Shitshitshit. Anyways.

Soup ideas? Pretty please???

[User Picture]From: onefootdown
2006-07-26 02:24 am (UTC)
if you like clam chowder, campbell's select new england clam chowder 98% fat free is pretty decent for canned soup.. and the entire can is just 200 calories.
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